Fusion Coffee (5 Boxes)

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5 Boxes Fusion Coffee

Servings: 15 Grams x 10 Sachets (Robusta Coffee with Barley Grass)

Mental Alertness + Focus

Smell the aroma. Savour the flavor. Start your morning with the rich, velvety taste of Santé Fusion Coffee.

This is perfect for working professionals who need their coffee fix in the morning or in the afternoon, even for night shift workers who need a boost in mental alertness.

  • Robusta Coffee Beans: Caffeine has shown to enhance mental alertness, concentration and physical endurance.
  • Organic Young Barley Grass: High in dietary fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates

Directions for use:
Empty one sachet into a cup. Add hot water according to your desired taste. Stir well and enjoy.

Benefits of Sante Fusion Coffee:
Denegenerative diseases
Provides good nutrition
Helps in weight management
Aids in regular elimination
Prevents gastric acidity
Helps in anemia
Protects against type-2 diabetes
Reduce the chances of gallstones
Reduce the e of parkinson’s disease
Increases the capacity to exercise
Good for asthma control
Good in blury vision improvement

Sante Barley Fusion Coffee is a natural diuretic thus promoting detoxification through urination. It has tannins that help reduce carcinogenic properties of food.
Enjoy coffee without Acid Attack.

Fusion Coffee